Showreel 2017 | 2018

KINKY KITCHEN was part of the FMX conference trailer creation at the Animationsinstitut

DIR: Bea Höller | CO-DIR: Steffen Oberle | PROD: Laura Messner | GAME-DIR: Daniel Schmucker | ANIM: Tao Zhang , Mariia Prokopenko | RIGGING: Mariia Prokopenko 

SIM: Lucas Bruchhage | SCULPT: Alexander Frey | LOGO: Felix Preis | LOGOANIM: Mario Bertsch | SOUND: Marco Dahl | MUSIC: Samuel Zamorano



VOICEACTORS: Strawberry Daquiri, Trisha Treasure, John Porno Buongiorno, Iron Mike Steifen, Lars von Tier & Boo D. Licious

Directed by Bea Höller

Voice German · Rolf Buschpeter

Voice English · Tom Putsch

Animation · Bea Höller | Ihabo Azzamo | Daniel Leyva 

Idea · Bea Höller

Text · Chris Schmier

Translation · Oliver Krause 

Motion Design · Tobias Frei 

Character Design · Bea Höller

Editor · Steffen Oberle

Sounddesign · Marco Dahl

Mastering · Tom Putsch

Coloring · Steffen Oberle | Ihabo Azzamon | Bea Höller

Clean-Up · Bea Höller | Ihabo Azzamo | Daniel Leyva

Line Producer · Thomas Lechner 

Produced as part of the subject area “Animation” and “Filmgestaltung 2” at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

I created this game on a two-day game jam.


All images and artwork © 2018 Beate Höller unless otherwise noted.


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